Laundry- Part Time

 Laundry- Part Time  Large Healthcare Facility The Laundry/textile worker will collect, sort, and wash all soiled bed and bath linens, housekeeping mops, and rags. Essential Functions & Responsibilities Report unclean, untidy, unsanitary conditions, broken or damaged equipment; including presence of insects to supervisor.Adhere to all safety rules and regulations to maintain a safe environment for residents, employees and visitors. Making suggestions to improve safety conditions. Knowledgeable regarding responsibility during fire drills and other emergencies. Assist with general laundry tasks before and after seasonal or special events conducted by the Home. Perform other related laundry tasks as assigned. Reject and relocate all linens showing excessive wear, use, or discoloration. Perform other related laundry tasks, as assigned. Collect soiled linen and deliver to the laundry. Sort items into bins for washing. Reject items not suitable for washing. Report foreign articles to supervisor Load washer with weighed load. Measure washing supplies. Load dryers and setting for required cycle. Remove clean, dry linen (approximate weight is 60 pounds) from laundry area. Fold dry linens and sort by type (by hand or use of folding machine). Label residents clothing upon request. Load linen carts with clean linen. Deliver clean laundry to floors. Shift: Every Saturday and Sunday from 7am-3pm Proceed